The Guide to Prepare & Score 100% in OCJP SE 6.

Image Firstly i little about me then we go onto Oracle exam, I am a B.Sc Computer Science Grad from Pune (India), who took up the exam OCPJP SE 6 and after lot of preparation and researching scored 100% (i never even though i would score it) and now working as a  Java Developer who is also pursuing  Masters’s parallel y. So i came up with this idea of posting a blog so as those pursuing the exam need not waste time on the internet by spending hours searching HOW-WHY-WHAT about the exam. Also this is my first blog, so bear with me! Check me out :

A little about the “WHY” part

I am sure you must be pretty confident about why you are pursuing to give the exam, but for those who don’t, i might be able to give a you a insight. This Exam is for people who have recently passed out of colleges or still on colleges who have the interest in Java and make a promising career in it. Why this exam? Well Oracle has set the standard really high, this isn’t your college level exam, i would say the toughest exam which test the deepest Core Java Knowledge. After passing this your resume bears a Oracle Logo & Oracle Certified Programmer title!! This puts a lot of weight on your resume. As Bert Bates(Author of the SCJP book) said on JavaRanch forum, OCJP helps in I would summarize the feelings of the exam creators this way… we hope that the exam… – Helps in getting an interview – a little – Helps in doing well in an interview – a lot – Helps in doing well on the job – a lot hth, Bert

Now lets get to the “HOW” part

At first you need to draw a plan chart as to how much amount of time per day are you going to dedicate. I did a 25 days * 6-7 Hour daily reading. I would say he 25 days is minimum, you can dedicate more than that as each has it own pace. But more importantly do not loose focus on the plan you chart out. The book, SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Exam by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates This will be your Bible, Bhagwad Gita or Khuran ..suit yourself!! I would add here, there might be tons of good website and other books blah blah ,but you stick to this and only this book for all.Image Into the Book…. There are 10 units. I did read the 830 page twice page-to-page. The first two units were a real uphill for me, read it almost 4 times. So remember if you don’t feel comfortable, freshen up and read it again and again and again…till you nail it. I don’t have to say this, but you cant leave or say i wont study Threading or Generics or study these as option, if you do with any of the topics you would end up failing!!! The questions behind each units should be solved as many times as possible. Serialization has been removed from OCPJP 6, but you need to study it as it quite a important concept, though you can skip the questions. Remember the basic rule- You may design a car however you like on paper but the real problems are seen when on road! SO CODE CODE CODE….as much possible as much theory you want to test!!! and please avoid IDE’s (like i did). I am sharing some notes, its basically set of question on each topic so please do solve them, helps a lot!. Notes that you need to refer: Link::CLick Here::  Special Thanks to Anuprita Shukre Mam for preparing us ! Tips : For Threading try out all possible codes and run them your way, its the only way to understand how it really works. I suggest u prepare well for Generics & Collections, for that take a sheet of paper and write down the hierarchy and methods constructor and brief note on each class, do that for every API. Read it every day, its the only way of remembering every API for the exam. The CD . I am assuming now after a lot of reading you become quite bored and just want to get over with and put yourself to test. Take the CD and give the mock exam, i am sure you will be in awe! My initial scores were 38%-42%-40%-58% …believe me i was shit scared! But don’t worry keep rectifying your mistakes and the exam wont be as tough as you will find it on the CD. Yes believe me when i say it , it is much easy than the CD.


Please it is important that you use these after a 100% completion of your preparation. There are people who do not prepare instead just mug up these dumps for 3-4 days and score easily 80-90%. But they miss the important point, they lack the knowledge. Its like a fake degree. Prepare these dumps for not more than 3 days, most of the questions will be repeated , probably with the same option in same pattern a-b-c-d. So don’t mug up, rather look behind the concept being tested. I’ve come up with the latest dumps that i could find, you use the old ones too for practice and please do so.The Latest Dump and imp one.

The Final Touch

You might have come across a lot of exam simulators, well its true these are good and paid and guarantee many things, they actually works. So i tried the VisualCertExam tool. And believe me it turned out to be too good. You would need .vce files to load the exam which i will provide. Believe me these are better than dumps! I would suggest to buy the software instead of downloading a pirated copy to support them. FOR THOSE REQUIRING THE EXAM SIMULATOR AND THE EXAM FILE PLEASE SEND A MAIL TO WITH THE SUBJECT “OCJP” (without the quotes) , make sure you do not change the subject line. YOU WILL RECEIVE A AUTO GENERATED MAIL.  (SUBJECT: OCJP) and no need to comment here.   (The reason ive created a auto generated mail is due to the swelling request from people , which im unable to reply individually.) Back to the point….

The D-Day!

The day has come after a lot of prep…you now only need 2 things, A fresh mind & 100% focus. The exam time given is more than enough, believe me when i say you be ending the exam in half hour or 45 mins max if you follow the schedule and prepared the way i did. Now while solving question, you can traverse through the question back and forth and change the answer, this will test your confidence. Here’s how to do it, First Read the question precisely!!! This is the most important part. I had a question where the knowledge of Collections was being tested, so i selected to the answer only to find while re-checking that the static of public static void main(String a[]) was missing. I hope you get what im saying, the question might make you start thinking about the topic that is visible at first but it might be a easy mistake. Second is the re-checking part. If you get stuck at a question or too confused with the answer just skip the question, which we will come back later. The point im trying to make is when u start the exam u will be damn nervous, solving the question knowing the answer is right will make your nervousness go away and solving without confidence or getting stuck will make things go the other way round. Once all question are solved go back and solved the unsolved, recheck every question but this time think that you didnt answer so ul have the accurate one. When i rechecked i almost corrected 4 answers! and that how i was able to achieve 100%.

Now to the “WHAT” part…

What is the cost,what is the process, what do i get after giving the exam etc. All answered I am strictly talking about SE 6 not SE 7. Those asking whether to give 7 or 6, straight away i would say 6, as 7 would cost double the amount plus the version is never read on the resume and neither the score. Cost in India: Around 8K Rs for a 1 month validity or 150$ for full validity which i wouldn’t suggest. How to Buy/Schedule Exam: Look for Prometric center in your city, these are the only places where you give the exam. To schedule you need to call up the proctor and schedule a date time through phone or face to face. Re-scheduling is easy and can be done even on day before.(avoid it though) Result/Certificate process: As soon as you submit your exam, you wont be able to see your score. At least a Hour later the score is mailed to you. The certificate usually comes from outside India so waiting could be more than a month at least. At last all i want to say, prepare well and you will score 100%. I never though i would even score above 91-92%, but had set 100% target in mind. So prepare well! All the best For more queries leave comments …

I am open to all kinda suggestions/feedback/queries..

Praik Kelwalkar

Thanks and cheers!


105 thoughts on “The Guide to Prepare & Score 100% in OCJP SE 6.

  1. Hello Pratik,

    I am a final year BE (CSE) student. I love Java and I want to get certified. This blog has really helped me a lot. Thanks a lot 🙂 Could you please send me the exam files. Here’s my email id:

  2. Hey Pratik, i must say you did a great job by writing about you experience with Oracle certifications. your blog post did give me a great overview of OCJP. i am preparing for OCJP 6 can you help me with the “.vce” file for the simulator, i downloaded the trial version of the tool & would buy a subscription as per your recommendation
    please email me the test files at :

  3. Hello Pratik, Very nice and more useful blog. Can you please email me the latest dump for OCJP to my mail id
    As I’m preparing for the exam it will be much more useful for me. Expecting your email. Thanks in advance

  4. Hi Pratik,
    Its really a very helpful blog for java lovers.
    I am new to Java language as I started learning it a month ago. The more I learn java the more I am liking it, so I I want to pursue it seriously. So could you please guide me which oracle certification program I can start with? Also I want to confirm whether the book u suggested here helps beginners like me.
    Thanks for ur time.

  5. Sir, you said us to avoid IDE’s
    I didn’t understand why’s that so?
    *Would appreciate your response*

      • Sir, I know what IDE is!
        My question is different, anyways, thanks for your blog! It will be of great help to me!

      • my bad…i went thru quickly…
        Now to avoid ide..the reason is everything is readymade i.e using IntelliSense we dont know the class or interface belongs to which hierarchy. So generally if you type your code in notepad you will learn a lot…also there’s auto-compilation with prompts that auto correct the code…it kinda defeats the purpose of learning….
        Sorry once again dude.. hope you gt my point

      • Thank You Sir, and yes, I got your point! 🙂
        Well, I guess (from now) I’ll do my coding in notepad and use IDE occasionally… Thank You so much Sir 🙂

  6. Sir, I just want to confirm one thing as you’ve given it.
    Did you faced any ”Drag and Drop questions” in the exam? I mean is it there in the exam?

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